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Since its pay what you want, getting access to another website's exclusive content is super fast and easy. Simply clicking on %insert button here% is all it takes, and suddenly you have access to another website's exclusive content without even opening your wallet. That new website receives an equal cut, just like all the other websites you are subscribed to.


Corporate social responsibility is how business should be done. The Jungl makes that happen.

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With the Jungl ...

With a single monthly fee of your choosing, you can support every website you love - all at the same time.

The money you give is split evenly between the websites you support.

Websites have the option to give back to their supporters and offer extra features.

From the Jungl, you can even login to websites securely with a single click!

Support free websites ...

There is no such thing as a website that doesn't cost money to run.

Websites commonly use ads to try to recoup the costs of running their site. If the website isn't Facebook, ads pay very little.

With the Jungl, you can become a reliable supporter of the websites you love.

We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.

How it works ...

Suppose you've chosen to support 9 of your favorite websites: such as your favorite blog, forum, or indie band.

If you are giving $5, every month each website and the Jungl will receive an equal share of 50 cents. The Jungl's share will never exceed 10%.

At any time you can change how much you want give.

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